About US

Our Values


Transferring valuable knowledge, enabling access to information, and filling knowledge gaps are fundamental elements of our company philosophy, through which we support our customers on a daily basis.


Our most valuable asset is our employees and their expertise. To strengthen these competencies, we continuously expand our core through training and knowledge transfer.  


Knowledge and competence alone are not enough for us. It is through our ability to understand our partners at eye-level, to adapt to any situation, and to build interpersonal bridges that we become valuable partners.


Our mission is to achieve excellent SAP operations by implementing standardized methods, supportive technology, proven best practices, and our highest level of quality. Your business success is our top priority!


We seek to manage SAP applications in a straightforward, consistent, and transparent fashion and maximize efficiency for companies and IT organizations. Together, we aim to develop the capabilities, knowledge, and technological possibilities into the driving force of success for your SAP landscape! 


We provide our professional advice and customer support directly, without detours and always understand our customers at eye level, providing excellent solutions as part of our service offering. 

Being responsible, reliable, and approachable, we understand people, deliver solutions, and strengthen relationships. 


Knowledge comes first.

Experience, expertise, and our continuous thirst for knowledge form the foundation of our company philosophy - Knowledge First.

We believe that our partners should benefit from our expert knowledge. That's why we established the isoneco FORUM to share knowledge in a collaborative manner. 

Lead through knowledge. 


We promise to solve complex challenges easily and efficiently!

In doing so, transparency, quality, and efficiency are at the core of our service offerings.

Our professional consulting and customer support deliver directly without detours. We always understand our customers on at eye-level and provide excellent services within the scope of our service offerings. 


In 1998, Bernt-Henri Lünnemann obtained his university entrance qualification and immediately began training as a sales representative at Finnforest UK, a subsidiary of the Metsäliitto Group, the market leader in the paper and forestry industry. In 2000, he moved within the group as part of a global SAP implementation to Finnforest Germany.