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ON-SITE or REMOTE, we give you the flexibility to enhance your SAP operations. Through our consultants and our excellent technical infrastructure, we effortlessly deliver our services directly into your IT infrastructure.

Our REMOTE service effectively reduces operational costs, with the highest quality of service.

With our forum and broadcast service, we embody our philosophy of Knowledge First. Our services cover the entire consulting portfolio, including SAP Basis, SAP Security, SAP Solution Manager, and Application Lifecycle Management.


A reliable IT service is essential

There's no question that IT systems, due to their sensitivity and importance, must always be handled with the utmost efficiency and security. A failure of these systems can have severe consequences – from production downtimes to the failure of customer transactions.

Our range of IT services is diverse: it spans from the support of specific applications and systems within a company (on-premises) or in the public cloud.

As your requirements vary, we work together to develop the optimal solution combination. In doing so, we place special emphasis on the security and availability of our customers' data and their company.


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You don't have to be a rocket scientist to install SAP. But your projects will run more smoothly, efficiently and stably with the right amount of experience. SAP provides the solid basis and knowledge in the form of tips and guidelines, which we supplement with our experience and certified consultants. We support your team and provide you with this experience reliably, according to our credo Knowledge First. We ensure a smooth introduction and stable operation of your SAP landscape. Benefit from our experience. Together we will work out the right path for your upcoming challenge.

Our consulting services include the following areas:

  • Architecture consulting
  • Installation c
  • Migration of SAP systems S/4HANA / DB HANA - ORACLE - MAXDB / OS  UNIX - WIN / Unicode migration
  • Migration to the cloud
  • Upgrade of all current on-premise SAP technologies

Our approach includes:

  • Recording and analysis of the existing system landscape
  • Recommendations for optimizing the system landscape
  • Project planning
  • Project implementation

Do you have an individual question regarding implementation? You are welcome to contact us directly by email at

Staff bottlenecks, a high workload that occurs at short notice or a lack of expert knowledge within the company's own IT department can cause companies to seek external knowledge. Regardless of whether the staffing level needs to be increased due to illness or vacation, our expertise in SAP Basis, with Netweaver and many other topics is available to you.

As long-term support or on-spot

With us, you can rely on competent and experienced SAP consultants for all phases of the life cycle of an SAP system. From planning, through implementation to operation - before on-site or remote - We deliver our service where you need it.

Our consulting services include:

  • Optimization, structuring and standardization of SAP operations through an operations management manual
  • Targeted advice on topics such as monitoring, alerting and automation, supplemented by 2 decades of SAP Solution Manager experience
  • Development of maintenance strategies
  • System analyses / optimization recommendations

Do you have a general question about SAP operations? You are welcome to contact us directly by email at

The smooth running of your business processes must be ensured. To this end, it is not only necessary to react quickly and competently to disruptions around the clock, but even better, to avoid them.

Setting up a monitoring and alerting function not only guarantees that problems are discovered and alerted immediately at any time, but also that critical situations are proactively noticed and prevented.

Our services include:

  • Tailor-made monitoring concepts. In some cases, less is more. Depending on the size of your SAP landscape, the scope and the right tools for the purpose can vary.

We understand:

  • CA Wily Introscope
  • SolMan Diagnostiocs
  • CheckMK

We drive alerting and automation to the required level. If required, we train your staff and ensure sustainable processes for operations.

Do you have a general individual question about SAP automation, monitoring and alerting? You are welcome to contact us directly by email at

We analyze and get the best out of your SAP application, looking at 4 essential factors:

  • Hardware equipment
  • Basic settings of your system
  • SAP program coding
  • Database

We are experienced in debugging analysis of SAP programs, in hardware analysis with proven SAP tools, in checking and setting the SAP basic parameters as well as in setting the databases MAXDB, ORACLE and HANA IMDB.

Do you have an individual question about SAP performance optimization? You are welcome to contact us directly by email at

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