Is your future in IT consulting? Do you want to gain experience and learn the German language? If you answered yes to these questions, and if you are a student, graduate, or have a similar educational background, you should contact us!

ISONECO IT-Resourcing® is a program we developed from IT practice for IT. We support human IT resources to become experienced IT specialists. We cater to today's IT requirements and those of the future.

Our goal is to discover Croatian IT talents, develop them individually, and equip them with lasting perspectives to improve their individual quality of life.

Together, we will expand your competencies, foster your strengths, and develop you into an experienced IT consultant.

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A Resourcing

Matija Fiket, 27, SAP Consultant

Even during my academic career, I had a strong affinity for IT and technology, not only in classic programming, but rather in the connection of economics, technology and communication through IT solutions.

After my Master's in Economics at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, I still had no clear goal as to how I should align my future compass. Through ISONECO GmbH's relationships in Croatia, I got to know the young, innovative and dynamic company. With whose values ​​I could directly identify, I decided to get to know the company and its business area better, first as a trainee in an internship.

The IT-Resourcing® Trainee Program opened the door to the SAP world for me. I started as a trainee and then spent two more years as an SAP Junior Consultant. During this time, I gained operational and project experience as well as intensive further training. Thanks to experience, the specialized knowledge I acquired and my already successful assignments in our customer projects, I am now an SAP consultant.

Parallel to my professional development, I was able to increase my language level to B2 and am fluent in the language and able to negotiate.

From my experience so far, I can confirm that the job as an SAP consultant is never monotonous. With exciting tasks, various industries and the rapidly changing SAP technology, no two days on the job will be the same. Find your way to us, together we will refine your potential, expand your experience and promote your strengths. A career is a marathon, not a sprint.

Your chance to expand your knowledge with our expertise and years of experience in the IT and SAP industry.

We offer a working environment with … 

  • Co-working spaces
  • Creative social balance spaces
  • Always up-to-date collaboration software, such as Office 365 
  • "State of the art" hardware 
  • First project experience with customers - an interesting and varied working environment, challenging SAP projects with national and international customers. 
  • Duz culture at all levels, a young, innovative and friendly team that enjoys working together and a pleasant working atmosphere. Freedom for your own ideas. With us, you are not just a personnel number in the system.

We develop your skills … 

  • Further training opportunities, e.g. SAP certifications or personal development opportunities.
  • Through cooperation with the language school, the Croatian experts, you will learn the German language at a business-fluent level.

Our support in integrating into Germany 

  • Translation assistance 
  • Bureaucratic tasks 
  • Apartment search 

Leisure & Events 

  • Team events 
  • Sports events 
  • Company sports 
  • End of year party 
  • Summer party
  • Work-life balance, fitness subscription. 

Home perspective 

  • Isoneco-ITR d.o.o. is under construction and its first goal is to acquire talent for further development with us, isoneco GmbH Germany. We also offer our experienced employees the prospect of providing our services from Croatia and then working for our subsidiary in Croatia, isoneco-ITR d.o.o. to work. 

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Bernt-Henri Luennemann

Telephone: +49 (0) 441 920 500-11